Oncology Nursing & Palliative Care

An Oncology Nurse is a type of medical carer that specialises in cancer patients. Cancer patients travel a long distance from diagnosis to treatment. Because cancer affects not only the body but also the patient's psychological and social standing, there is no single road that all cancer patients travel.

Palliative Care is a type of treatment that aims to make the patient feel better while also attempting to treat the condition. Palliative Care involves action to alleviate physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial distress. Unlike cancer treatments, which are specifically designed to destroy cancer cells. The primary goal of Palliative Care is to increase personal contentment.

  • Improved medication management
  • Improved symptoms
  • Improved medication adherence
  • Optimized treatment outcomes
  • Enhanced psychosocial support
  • Reduced length of hospital stay

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